How To Enter NovaBlitz JP Tournament

NovaBlitz players in Japan are hosting a tournament “BBB4” on 21st/October(SUN) at 21:00(JST)

We’re using a Japanese website for the tournament but you can easily join it using Chrome translation function.

Here’s an English guide of how to enter the tournament.


What is BBB?

Who is the host?

BBB stands for BigBangBlitz. It’s a Novablitz tournament that is hosted by a Japanese NovaBlitz player, Daidairow. He’s hosting tournaments frequently, and even have a plan to hold a special event to celebrate the on-chain of Novablitz on December. You definitely don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned and follow him on Twitter.
Follow Daidairow on Twitter

The Tournament Rule

  • Pauper Rule(Legendary cards are not allowed)
  • No deck change during the tournament
  • The first player to win 2 games will be a winner
  • Post the Screenshot of your deck on Discord before the tournament starts

We’ll use the Tournament chat channel on Novablitz Discord server. Please gather there on time.
NovaBlitz Discord

Enter the tournament

Visit the tournament page.
BBB4 Tournament Page

Make sure Chrome translation function is turned on so that you can see the following page with English. Click the “Wanted” button on the right side of the page.

Type your Novablitz in-game name, check the two boxes, and click “Entry to the competition”.

Click “Send”

Click “To the convention page”

The entry process is done. The check-in is available from 60 minutes before the tournament starts.

Join CrazyChain

There’s a DApps gamers guild in Japan that name is “CrazyChain”. The guild is mainly consist of Japanese but we’re expanding it to international members. We talk and exchange the information about many DApps. There’re players who are crazy about NovaBlitz including almost all Japanese top players. Please join us!
CrazyChain Website

Join CrazyChain’s Discord Server